Night People 1954 Movie on DVD




Night People 1954 Movie on DVD

Allied enemies kidnap Corporal John “Johnny” Leatherby, a young American soldier in West Berlin.Lt. Col. Steve Van Dyke, the American provost marshal assigned to investigate, learns through his East German contact Frau “Hoffy” Hoffmeir that the soldier has been kidnapped by East German agents who want to trade him for a pair of elderly Germans. At the same time, the Soviet Union has closed border posts into Berlin, suggesting an impending international crisis. Johnny’s father, Charles Leatherby, is a wealthy and politically influential industrialist from Toledo, Ohio, and flies to Berlin to bully the military bureaucracy into finding his son. Accustomed to being in charge and never refused, he issues a demand that the military attempt to bribe the East German government using Leatherby’s money. Van Dyke is offended by Leatherby’s arrogance and ignorance. (“You’re a big wheel in the axle grease business. You’re a personal friend of Senator…McDinglehoffer,” he scoffs.)

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